St Pancras Church Garden

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St Pancras Church Garden

A new public pocket park in the City of London, commemorating the site of a Romanesque church lost to the Great Fire of 1666 and never re-built.

City of London Corporation
204 m2
Project dates
Design: July 2009 – May 2010 Fabrication & Installation: September 2010 – March 2012
Services provided
Landscape Concept, Developed & Technical Design (RIBA St 2-4a)
Design team
  • City & Guilds Historic Carving Department (Furniture Carving)

  • Jane Wernick Associates (Civil & Structural Engineer)

Project type
Landscape & Public RealmObject & Sculpture
Use type
Health & WellbeingLeisure & Recreation

Studio Weave were commissioned to propose a public realm scheme that would make use of this long-forgotten space - now a Scheduled Ancient Monument - in a way that responds to and respects its extraordinary heritage. Our proposal imagined that this safe, protected space, left alone for almost 350 years, has allowed St. Pancras Church to grow a new shoot and re-emerge as an untrimmed and happily rambling new pew-species. Like fire ephemerals (plants that flower only after being burnt) the lost church has renewed itself and, a little wildly, become overgrown.

The project involved collaboration with historic carvers at City & Guilds Arts School, who delivered bespoke furniture carved in the tradition of church pews.

- - -

The garden design incorporates stone paving which complements the City of London’s streetscape integrated with the carved wood furniture into an irregular herringbone pattern. The paving and furniture steps around plant beds at the base of existing mature trees, with the carved wood elements rising to become seats. Each of the eight unique designs depicts patterns and animals that take their cue from the carvings of surviving Romanesque churches, with a contemporary twist. The nature of the collaboration with historic carvers at City & Guilds Arts School has afforded a strong sense of individual craftsmanship to be expressed in the furniture.

The site is tucked away from the busy city hubbub and its quality of an interior space - from which you can look out at the city fabric through the trees - has helped it to become a much loved asset in the City ecosystem. - - -