In 2015, we joined forces with Architecture 00. Together, we enjoy collaborating in a shared environment where strategic, urban and social designers, architects, programmers and economists practice design beyond its traditional borders. 00 work with individuals, governments, corporations and communities to solve problems and anticipate change, and to design successful platforms and places. As a studio it aims to reach beyond the design of objects themselves to the social, economic and environmental systems behind them.

The Pattern Exchange

Studio Weave were commissioned by curators Rosie Lynch and Hollie Kearns to provide an engaging space at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin as part of their exhibition ‘The Pattern Exchange’. We were asked to work with the concepts of 'empathy' and 'welcome' at the threshold of the gallery and experiment with how a greater level of interaction could be facilitated between the street, the gallery and the public.


In short, no pattern is an isolated entity. Each pattern can exist in the world, only to the extent that is supported by other patterns: the larger patterns in which it is embedded, the patterns of the same size that surround it, and the smaller patterns which are embedded in it.

A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander, 1977

The Pattern Exchange was an exhibition which presented existing work from Irish artists Sarah Browne, Gareth Kennedy, Sarah Lincoln and Fiona McDonald, with new commissions by Paul Bokslag (IE/NL). Taking pattern as a form by which to discern or understand the systems operating in both natural and urban landscapes; in knowledge, material production, labour and movement; the work presented reflected the ongoing observations and study of isolated patterns by these individual artists.