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A public art commission inhabiting a new public open space in Deptford with a family of plinth variants dedicated to local virtues – cast in iron from a repeating concave profile detail to form a mass which appears solid from the front, and thin from the side.

Tideway Arts
8 m2
Project dates
Design: September 2017 – July 2018 Procurement: September 2022
Services provided
Architectural Installation Concept, Developed & Technical Design (RIBA St2-4)
Design team
  • Weston Williamson (Site Landscape Architect)

  • MottMacdonald (Site Engineering)

  • Tideway Arts (Curator)

Project type
Object & Sculpture
Use type
Civic & Cultural

Studio Weave were commissioned to develop a proposal responding to the Tideway Public Art Strategy and Heritage Interpretation Strategy, as part of the ‘Art on the Tideway’ programme. Deptford – one of ‘The Shipping Parishes: Gateways to the World’ – has had a role in various British histories of note; but its diverse communities and identities have evaded being defined by any singular narrative. Our scheme borrows the convention of the plinth which traditionally elevated ideas and representations; and explores remodelling it in forms which offer a range of illusions when viewed from different perspectives.

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The plinths will be forged in cast-iron using traditional foundry methods that have been used across London’s South East workshops for hundreds of years, achieving the perceived permanence generally preserved for celebratory figuration.

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