Watering Pole Soho

Watering Poles, AJ Kiosk

Aldgate public realm

Aldgate Public Realm

Paleys upon Pilers

Paleys Upon Pilers, Aldgate

St. Pancras Church Garden

St Pancras Church Garden, City of London


Barbican Highwalks, City of London

The Longest Bench Opens in Littlehamton

The Longest Bench, Littlehampton

The Weather Millers' Country, Three Mills Play-space

The Weather Millers, Three Mills Playspace

New shop front

New Windows on Willesden Green

Freya's Cabin looking over the freezing lake

Freya and Robin, Kielder Water

The second time...

Blackburn’s Secret Landscape Garden

London's Largest Living Room

Exhibition furniture, LFA08

140 Boomerangs at West Smithfield

140 Boomerangs, LAB06