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Newham City Farm

Newham City Farm: Concept Sketch, Studio Weave

Concept Sketch

Newham City Farm: Newham City Farm, Studio Weave

Newham City Farm

Studio Weave have designed an outdoor kitchen at Newham City Farm. 

The aim is to create a vibrant social focus for the farm - a space where anyone can come along and cook. The kitchen will have an educational purpose; it will provide a stage alongside the existing outdoor classroom where kids and parents can learn about healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

Newham City Farm offers a unique setting with hundreds of farm animals in 10 acres of sprawling farmland, and the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf looming behind. This project, along with another pilot site at Spitalfield’s City Farm, is intended as the first of many outdoor kitchens. The aim is that communities elsewhere will be able to choose their favourite design and fund their own outdoor kitchen.