109b Mare Street Studios
203-213 Mare Street
E8 3QE

Croydon High Streets

Croydon High Streets, Studio Weave

Studio Weave are currently working on a substantial public realm regeneration scheme encompassing 19 acres of central Croydon.

Our proposals comprise a number of installations that seek out opportunities for playfulness in forgotten pocket spaces, unloved forecourts, and busy high streets in the centre of town. As part of the project we have written a ‘choose your own adventure’ story for Croydon. Each of the twelve chapters of The See-Through Town tell of each of the twelve character areas of our large site and can be explored – both in the book and in real life – in various orders revealing different adventures.

The multi-million pound project also entails highway realignments, junction improvements and a cycling strategy and Studio Weave are working and co-ordinating with a complex network of consultants and LB Croydon officers to deliver the scheme.