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Bathaus: Curated Reduction, Studio Weave

Curated Reduction

Studio Weave have been commissioned by Loughborough University to design a "Bathaus" (or bat-house) on the site of an abandoned 1882 cottage within its campus. 

The design has been driven by a fascination in the evolution of this cottage over time and the traces in its built fabric reflecting the collective memory of many beings. At present, this cottage is characterised by the habitation of a colony of bats. Their choice to make the cottage their home is respected and the adaptation of the cottage for their future needs are seen as the main driver for the project.This process is intended to be curated reduction. Rather than providing a new roosting structure, which often comes with risks, we propose to preserve the existing roosting conditions while revitalising and strengthening the memory and physical narrative of the place. The functions and materials which are no longer necessary will be carved away, whilst additional elements will be added to emphasise and support its future needs, both for the residents (bats) and their neighbours (humans). We are curating the process of the partial demolition and renovation of the cottage, and transforming it into a bat-house sculpture.