Places and Stories

At Studio Weave, we are fascinated by the powerful role that stories play in creating a sense of place, both as a design tool and a way to engage with everyone surrounding a project including clients, consultants and users, both grown-ups and children.

We are always on the lookout for alluring narrative arcs to inform our proposals and it is imperative for us that these grow from the inherent characteristics of the site, and are never forced or overlaid where they do not belong.

Storytelling has been explored in various ways in our work. We have written fairytales inspired by places and worked with children to illustrate and communicate these ideas (140 Boomerangs); we have used stories as a way to personify existing landscapes and design proposals (Blackburn, Moor House, The Longest Bench, Fleeting Bench for Cass); and even let fictional characters design things themselves (Freya and Robin).