Je Ahn, Director & Architect

Je was born near Busan, on the south coast of South Korea where he grew up fishing and eating lots of seafood. He moved to the UK when he was thirteen and went to school in West Sussex.

Je is an RIBA Chartered Architect and studied Architecture at the University of Bath, TU Delft (The Netherlands) and London Met. Prior to setting up Studio Weave, Je worked with Carmody Groarke, Bennetts Associates, and Nash Parker Architects. Je is also a director of MUSARC.


Maria Smith, Director & Architect

Maria is the oldest of four sisters and grew up on the Sussex coast. She enjoys reading and writing stories, singing and playing the violin and keeping an eye on her little sisters.

Maria is an ARB registered Architect and studied Architecture at the University of Bath, TU Delft (The Netherlands) and London Met. Prior to setting up Studio Weave, Maria worked with Carmody Groarke, David Morley Architects, and Aaron Evans Architects.

Maria has also taught at London Metropolitan University and has been a member of the Southwark Design Review Panel.


Esme Fieldhouse, Architect

Esme lives in Hackney and is quite possibly its biggest fan. She studied at the University of Nottingham followed by the University of Dundee, graduating with a Masters in Architecture, and completed her Part III studies at London Met University, qualifying as an Architect. Prior to joining Studio Weave, Esme worked at Blueprint Magazine and continues to be a freelance writer. Her pastimes include birdwatching, cycling and co-editing Matzine.


Eddie Blake, Architectural Assistant

Eddie lives in Bethnal Green, with two laying hens, and is interested in developing ideas through drawing and hands-on building projects.  He studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow followed by the University of Westminster, where he continues to be a visiting critic. Prior to joining Studio Weave, Eddie worked for Sauerbruch Hutton in Berlin.


Nina Shen-Poblete, Architectural Assistant

Nina gained her MArch from the University of Westminster, having previously studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, and was selected to be part of BD’s Class of 2012. Previously, Nina has worked at practices in London & Shanghai. In her spare time she writes, designs books, dances, and runs an independent zine.


Rosie Hervey, Architectural Assistant

Rosie gained her March from the Free Unit at London Metropolitan University, having studied her degree at Nottingham University. Previously, Rosie worked for the public realm consultancy Publica on a number of masterplanning schemes. In her spare time Rosie is carrying out research into making cities more accessible for older people through design, and is a volunteer for the intergenerational arts charity Magic Me.


Maddie Kessler, Architectural Assistant

Maddie gained her Diploma from The Architectural Association, having previously studied Structural Engineering and Architecture at Sheffield University. She has worked at practices in London, Basel and Beijing and taught on the AA Summer School. Maddie was awarded the KPF Travel Fellowship, with which she explored the modernisation of The Silk Road. Her pastimes include writing, singing and exploring cities.