In 2015, we joined forces with Architecture 00. Together, we enjoy collaborating in a shared environment where strategic, urban and social designers, architects, programmers and economists practice design beyond its traditional borders. 00 work with individuals, governments, corporations and communities to solve problems and anticipate change, and to design successful platforms and places. As a studio it aims to reach beyond the design of objects themselves to the social, economic and environmental systems behind them.

Studio Weave is an award-winning RIBA Chartered Architecture Practice based in London. We balance a joyful, open-minded approach with technical precision to create a diverse body of work in the UK and abroad for public, private and commercial clients. We value idiosyncrasies, from the characteristics that make somewhere unique, to the particular skills of a master craftsperson. We aim to harness the strengths of a project and its team to create something distinctive and of exceptional quality. Our work has been acknowledged by numerous awards including RIBA South East Building of the Year 2013 for Ecology of Colour, the Architectural Review’s International Emerging Architecture Awards and the Civic Trust Awards where The Longest Bench won the Special Award for Community Impact and Engagement.


Knitted Panel of Experts

At Studio Weave, we adhere to a very strict quality management plan. All woven projects are presented in front of a knitted panel of experts from a variety of fields ranging from booties to intergalactic travel.


Je Ahn

Je was born near Busan, on the south coast of South Korea where he grew up fishing and eating lots of seafood. He moved to the UK when he was thirteen and went to school in West Sussex. Je is an RIBA Chartered Architect and studied Architecture at the University of Bath, TU Delft (The Netherlands) and London Met. Prior to setting up Studio Weave, Je worked on a range of projects from renovating historic houses in West London to the City of London’s largest office development, to Crossrail. Je is a visiting critic at a number of universities in the UK and abroad and recently external examined at KTH in Stockholm. He is also a member of the Southwark Design, Design South East and Design Council CABE Review Panel.


Rosie Hervey

Rosie studied architecture at Nottingham University and London Metropolitan University, completing her diploma thesis on the provision of inner city housing for the elderly. Prior to joining Studio Weave, Rosie worked for the public realm consultancy Publica and for the Arcola Theatre on the development of their sustainability programme. In her spare time Rosie is a volunteer for the intergenerational arts charity Magic Me, and the international development organisation Engineers without Borders, organising a programme of workshops and talks on sustainable technologies within the built environment. She has a love for joinery and the imperfections of hand crafted objects, stemming from a childhood spent playing with toys made by her Grandad.


James Brady

Jimbo grew up in South Wales, and spent many summers living in a tent on the Pembrokeshire coast. He obtained his Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from Cardiff University; James and a colleague had their entry for the Eisteddfod Architectural Pavilion competition shortlisted during their thesis year. James has worked in New York, most notably on the Passivhaus renovation of a Brooklyn Brownstone, and in the UK, with Clear Village on regeneration and participatory design, and at David Morley Architects on sport projects, ranging from a cricket pavilion to a sports village masterplan. Before moving to London, James cycled across Wales in one day, from Holyhead to Cardiff.


Amelia Hunter

Amelia has previously worked for Foster + Partners and Eva Menz Design as a chandelier designer. She has also lived in Copenhagen where she worked for the International Federation for Housing and Planning and looked after chickens. She studied architecture at the Bartlett and the Royal College of Art where she completed her thesis on the enhancement of a flood alleviation channel. Amelia was the 2015 winner of the New Design Britain Architecture prize and the 2014 RIBA Journal Eyeline Drawing award. She enjoys all things embroidered, fluorescent and herring boned. She also loves racing her family’s 1960s wooden dinghy, who is named Selene after the Greek moon goddess.


J. J. Cliff Rogers

J. J. Cliff of South Yorkshire, grew up exploring peculiarly leftover plots between estates, and improvised cycle tracks behind adjacent farms. Educated in architecture and landscape at University of Sheffield, and University of Westminster; his thesis on the 'bad' architecture of chance explored the aesthetic potential of building components constructed from polyurethane expanding foam. Inspired by the price of grapes, Cliff curiously creates primitive paintings on bedsheets in the manner of a lovechild between Jean Michel Basquiat and Philip Guston - alongside learning Romanian. Previously at Terry Farrell & Partners, he worked on residential and masterplanning projects; and at IUAV contributed to an urban research publication for exhibition at Rotterdam Biennale 2012.


Will Brown

Will grew up in North London with an ambition of becoming either an astronaut, professional tennis player or David Attenburough. Failing all of that, he became an architect. Will studied architecture at the University of Nottingham and the Royal College of Art where he completed his thesis project on the effect of architectural fiction in film as a testing ground for alternate ways of living. Prior to joining Studio Weave, Will has worked at practices including Foster + Partners and HOK on a range of projects from play spaces for children with learning disabilities to luxury housing in London as well as transport infrastructure in various locations around the world. In his spare time, he still thinks of himself as an adventurer - preferably somewhere with a hammock... and wifi.


Miguel Santamaria

Miguel was born and raised in a town in northern Spain. Studying architecture in Valladolid, he enjoyed spending one of his university years in Rome where he was primed in the discplines of classical architecture. After graduating, Miguel worked in Madrid for Rafael Moneo on the Prado Museum extension which, aside from some headaches, gave him good experience in construction on site. After that, in search of a quieter life, he moved to Dublin to work with O’Donnelll + Tuomey. He recalls that time as being very special, both socially and professionally, allowing him to study and respond to the vernacular architecture of the place. Before starting work at Studio Weave, he worked for Caruso St. John and McCreanor Lavington architects on public and residential projects where he gained a thorough understanding of UK construction processes.


Klara Bindl

Prior to joining Studio Weave, Klara worked for Brandlhuber+ in Berlin and with the Berlin based artist Michael Beutler. Klara studied Architecture in Aachen where she became a peacock specialist through the design of a house for the birds (named Krishna and Rhada after the Hindu Gods). For her thesis, Klara wrote an illustrated story about a city in an infinite quest to obtain the status of perfection. This is manifested in the construction of the pinnacle structure – the town hall. The story was awarded the Newcomer Prize by the Association of German Architects, the Euroregional Architecture Prize and a travelling scholarship. Klara spent last summer shingling roofs and plastering walls in the rainy German countryside.


Adrian Bolog

Adrian grew up in Moldova, Romania; this region is known to some for it's peculiar accent, though this is not so commonly associated with Adrian personally, given his careful miniaturisation of verbal communication. Adrian expresses rigorous self-control, implicitly emphasizing his meditative insights into the nature of life and being within it. He moved to the UK to study architecture at University of Westminster, where his personal interest in nature developed into a professional focus on environmentally conscious building design.

This focus subsequently matured after his graduation, into establishing a platform for organic farming nesteled amongs the French Alps. Together with his collective, Adrian periodically contributes to developing the site as a self-sufficent retreat; alongside working independently in the film industry as a visual effects compositor.


Esther Escribano

Esther studied architecture in Valladolid and Toulouse. After graduating­, she worked at Oa Estudio and various other Spanish architectural offices. During this time, she combined her work as an architect with teaching and lecturing at universities in Spain and Sweden. Esther has won various competitions entered in her own time. Prior to joining Studio Weave, she also worked for PatelTaylor in London. She is currently a PhD candidate at Valladolid Univeristy. 


David Saxby

We don’t know where David was born, as it was so long ago. We’re pretty sure he studied architecture, perhaps with Vitruvius. He might not be the hippest person in our team, but he sure know his stuff when it comes to getting stuff done; he’s got 5no. RIBA National Awards, and 3no. RIBA Building of the Year Awards under his belt already. As well as founding our sister studio Architecture00, he has also nurtured many ventures in the wider 00 family including Opendesk, the Impact Hubs, and Wikihouse; he certainly gets shit done. And whilst he’s happy to be remain inconspicuous behind his trademark greyness, watch out, as there’s a mischievous twinkle in his eye. 


Chloe Treger

Chloe grew up in London giving her a love of all that’s urban. After studying Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford University, and a brief stint in strategy consultancy, she went back to school to obtain a masters in Urban Design and Planning at the Bartlett. Since joining Studio Weave she’s loved working as an urban researcher, pulling together her various threads of understanding for housing associations, business improvement districts, public bodies and research organisations. Prior to joining Studio Weave, Chloe has aimed to get to know as many urban environments as possible - working for a consultancy in Paris, municipal government in Cape Town and UN-Habitat in Nairobi.

Joost Beunderman

Joost Beunderman

Joost is from and loves the Continent, where he grew up in the Netherlands. He frequently spends time in remote places such as la Andalucía profunda or Western Ukraine. When not abroad, he is involved with a wide range of projects across Studio Weave and its sister practice 00, focussing on themes like civic entrepreneurship, places of work and institutional innovation. He co-founded Impact Hub Brixton, a community innovation platform and workspace, and is a director of Impact Hub Islington. His studies across urban geopgraphy, planning and urban design took place at Utrecht University, University of Barcelona, University of California-Berkeley and the London School of Economics. 

Caf Fean

Caf Fean

Caf is a writer and project manager specialising in creative community engagement and good communication. As a child Caf lived in Damascus, Brussels, Paris and London. She studied English Literature and French at the University of Sheffield and went on to do an MA in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Caf has worked with artists, teachers, market traders, architects, planners and many more to help make places work better for the people who use them. Her professional life has seen her working with all sorts of fantastic companies and individuals who share her passion for human-centred design. Her proudest moments include interviewing Benjamin Zephaniah for the Hastings Storytelling Festival, winning a D&AD Student Award and baking a successful Guinness Cake.

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